Members of the board

Willy Viteka

Viteka Music AG

Stephan Peterer

Edition Melodie, Zürich



Martin Schiess

Check Point Music Publishing, Widen

Rudi Schedler

Flora Musikverlag, Gossau

Marie-Helène Froidevaux

Interstellar Music GMBH


Rudi Schedler

Beat Müller

Star Productions, Waldstadt

René Wicky

Cresta Music, Oberägeri

The members of the board consist of fullt-ime music publishers. They have the following rights:

  • Election of the vice-president
  • Execution of the decisions of the general assembly 
  • Convocation of extraordinary general assemblies 
  • Elaboration of the annual reports and annual statements of account as well as budget for the current year. 
  • Organization of workshops, symposiums, round-table-discussions etc.
  • Admission of members 
  • The general assembly takes place during the first half of the year.

Each member has a vote. The general assembly has the following rights:

  • Election of the president, the members of the board, the secretary's office and the auditor 
  • Festsetzung des jährlichen Mitgliederbeitrages 
  • Laying down of the annual membership fee 
  • Approval of the budget for the current year 
  • Approval of the annual report and annual statement of account 
  • Dismissal of members 
  • Change of statutes 

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