Our services

The SVMV offers to its members not only counselling and know-how of many years experience but also supports them in their activities in contractual matters, they receive counceling and useful tipss how they can use and exploit their publishing rights in the best way here and abroad.


Futhermore they have access to indispensable means such as various standardized agreements like:

  • Publishing agreement
  • Sub-Publishing agreement
  • Co-Publishing agreement
  • License agreement
  • Artist's agreement etc.

These contracts have been developped by professionals and are available in various languages (German, French, English). It has been proved that there is a great demand for such standardized contracts.

It is also the aim of the SVMV to provide young publishers and newcomers with information regarding contractual and general questions and problems.

Besides above services SVMV also offers the Know How of various activities around publishing, producing, A&R Management and the contracts in connection in those particular fields like:

  • Licenseagreement (Bandübernahmevertrag), exclusiv: german and english
  • Licenseagreement (Bandübernahmevertrag) non-exklusiv: german and english
  • Co-Productionagreement: german
  • Artist Agreement: german, english, spanish
  • Distributionagreement: german, english, spanish 
  • Music-Playback-Agreement: german
  • Management-Agreement: german

SVMV also releases regular newsletter and news on their website about the most important developments around the publishing field.

A further advantage for the members of SVMV is the membership of ICMP – International Confederation of Music Publishers. The international most important publishers association has their official domicile at the same place as SVMV. 

Because of this close cooperation members of SVMV have knowledge of all the important international developments in the publishing field and they are up to date by the regelar newsletters sent out by ICMP. SVMV also works closely with SUISA as well as other important Associations of the Music Industry and maintains close contact with other foreign Associations.


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