Aims and purpose

The main aims of the SVMV can be described as follows: 


  • To safeguard and support the interests of its members in respect of the law for copyrights and similar protection rights.
  • The representation of interests of its members towards authorities, institutions at home and abroad.
  • The regular exchange of information amongst Swiss artists and performing and mecanical rights societies, especially SUISA.
  • The co-operation with similar Swiss and foreign organizations.
  • The realization of a legal information service and support of the members in case of persecution of violation of copyrights, publishers's rights and competitor's rights.
  • The support of national talent.
  • Publicity



Contact Us

Schweizerische Vereinigung der Musikverleger
P.O.Box 80

  • Ort: 8602 Wangen
  • Tel: 044/888 26 05
  • Fax: 044/888 26 08
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If office is closed

Frau Yvonne Oestreicher
Turicaphon AG
Turicaphonstrasse 31

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